Leather & Suede Cleaning

Professional cleaning Service for leather & suede by Limehouse Dry Cleaning & Laundry Co.

Professional Leather and Suede Cleaning

With years of experience in dry cleaning Limehouse have developed a good name and excellent reputation in the London dry cleaning industry. This experience has allowed us to handle and specialise in certain materials and are experts in particular areas, such as, leather cleaning and suede cleaning.

Understanding the process of leather care and cleaning is a lengthy and complicated task and our specialist handlers are capable of cleaning leather to flawless standard for a reasonable and competitive price.

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    Suede & Leather Cleaning Price list

    Item Price
    Suede/Leather Jackets From £38.50
    Suede/Leather Trousers From £33.00

    Opening Hours

    Monday to Friday: 5.30am - 7.00pm
    Saturday: 8.00am - 3.00pm
    Sunday: Closed


    Leather & Suede Cleaning

    At Limehouse we understand that leather represents a high proportion of furniture, luggage and clothing such as jackets and coats. Some of these items are very high quality and can be expensive, which means it can be expensive to maintain and repair in the case of soiling. The cleaning of leather is an intricate process which, depending on the type of damage, stain or soiling, this may mean that the cleaning process can take longer depending on the item’s condition.

    A good practice when owning leather is to regularly get your leather cleaned and treated, for example cleaning leather jackets on a regular basis will help preserve and protect which means it is less likely to need any major treatment in the future. At limehouse, once your leather product has been washed and cleaned, we will be coat it in a refinishing protective coating which will further protect the leather as well as enhance its appearance.

    Protecting leather and especially cleaning white leather, means that the leather will last longer and will resist stains much easier than untreated leather. When an accident or spillage occurs, leather will soak up the liquid which will permanently stain whilst treated leather will allow time for the leather to be cleaned before the liquid soaks in.

    Like leather, cleaning suede is a tricky and detailed task and although can be undertaken by the individual we provide a service cheap enough and quick enough that there is no need. Suede is a delicate material and is easily stained, with Limehouse dry cleaning a stain doesn’t mean that the garment is ruined. Give one of our specialist suede technicians the challenge of restoring and repairing your garment to nearly new quality.

    Here at Limehouse we take pride in our ability to rejuvenate your leather and suede to its former glory. Our leather and suede cleaning service offers the same specialist and high quality service that our dry cleaning and other services provide our combination of both care and quality keep our wet dry cleaning customer returning on a regular basis. We also offer the same fantastic service of collection and delivery that we do with all our other products and services.

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